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How to Find Content Ideas for Content Marketing Strategy

With content marketing, you’re constantly tasked with creating and distributing new and relevant content. It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas for posts that will resonate with your audience.

And if your company is struggling to produce enough compelling blog content, it may be time to look elsewhere for inspiration. But where do you find the best articles?

ContenIdeas.io is a powerful content discovery and content research tool that lets you find content ideas by analyzing the top-performing content from around the web.

Why use ContentIdeas to find Blog Topics?

One thing that every content-driven business will struggle with is coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the time or motivation to develop enough compelling blog posts.

ContentIdeas lets you find fresh and relevant articles based on their popularity on popular social channels. These channels are perfect places to discover what the world is talking about right now. By knowing what the audience in your niche loves on social media, you can create your content strategy around those ideas and get ahead of your competitors.

How to Find Content Ideas using ContentIdeas.io?

Luckily, there are several ways to find good content ideas for your content marketing strategy using contentideas.io.

Find content ideas by exploring the featured topics on the home page if your niche is among any of the featured topics.

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Find content ideas by typing the search query in the search box and exploring the relevant topics that interest you.

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You also have the option to sort the results according to their popularity on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

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You can spot popular content by analyzing the number of shares and engagement on social media.

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Sentiment analysis gives you an idea of audience reaction to a specific piece of content based on the types of reaction it gets on social media.

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Who Can Benefit From ContentIdeas.io?

ContentIdeas is useful for everyone who wants to do quality content research. Whether you’re a social media marketer, content marketer, or Search Engine Optimizer, ContentIdeas is a perfect tool for you to find relevant content ideas within just a few clicks.

How can ContentIdeas help you get backlinks?

As marketers, we all are aware of the importance of backlinks. To run a successful backlink building campaign, one needs to make a consistent effort of finding, outreaching, and pursuing authority websites to give backlinks.

One of the major processes of running a backlink building campaign is finding relevant and authoritative websites.

Find Authority Websites to Build Backlinks:

With ContentIdeas, you can search using your target keyword, and it’ll show you the top-performing content related to your search term. Next, you can export the list of articles and start outreaching those websites via email using an email finder tool such as Hunter.io and request a backlink to your website.

Turn Product Mentions into Backlinks:

Using ContentIdeas, you can also find articles or blogs where your product, company or website’s name is mentioned, but it’s not linked to your website. You can do this easily by simply typing your product, company or website’s name in the search box. Next, you can go through the articles to find unlinked mentions and contact those website owners or managers to give you a link.

Competitor Analysis:

One other way of building backlinks using Contentideas is by doing looking for articles or blog posts that mention your competitors and then outreaching those websites to get backlinks for your website.

How can ContentIdeas help Social Media Marketers?

Using ContentIdeas.io, social media marketers can find viral and trending content to share on social media and increase engagement on their social channels.

How to find Social Media Content Ideas?

Social media marketers can make use of ContentIdeas by finding articles or blogs based on the number of engagements they get on social media. By analyzing the social media content based on the number of engagement and sentiment, you can get a clear understanding of how different types of content is received on social media by the audience. You can easily find Facebook or Instagram content ideas by searching the topic you’re planning to create content on and taking notes of ideas and inspiration from the content that appears in the search results.

How ContentIdeas can help Content Marketers?

Content Marketers who are either creating content strategy or creating new content can use ContentIdeas to find trending content within their industry and do competitors analysis by searching for specific content on competitors’ websites.

Find Blog Content Ideas:

Many marketers find it difficult to keep coming up with new content ideas. ContentIdeas solves this problem as it gives you an option to explore trendy and fresh content published under a specific topic or industry. You also have an option to try searching content using different search terms and get content ideas.

Content Research:

You can find and analyze relevant articles to collect the relevant material for your research and save time.

How to find the best Content Ideas using the right search terms?

There are various ways you can find the best content using ContentIdeas.io.

Search by keyword

This method is pretty straightforward and lets you search content by simply entering the relevant queries in the search box using keywords.

You can search for an exact phrase by enclosing the keyword in double-quotes for example "digital marketing.”

Website Search

Website search gives you an option to search for the top-performing content on a specific website.

For example, you can search the top articles on forbes.com by simply typing “forbes.com” in the search box, and ContentIdeas will show you the top articles sorted according to the selected filter.

Website Search

You also have the option to search for specific topics on a specific website.

For example, if you want to search for articles related to “entrepreneurship” on “forbes.com”, your can search query would be “forbes.com entrepreneurship.”

specific topics on a specific website

Remove irrelevant results

You can remove irrelevant results from the search results by placing the “-” operator before the keyword or topic you want to exclude from the search results.

For example, if you want to search for articles related to marketing but you want to exclude search results that are related to SEO, then your search query would be “marketing -seo”.

Remove irrelevant results

Search for multiple keywords

ContentIdeas also gives you an option to search for multiple keywords at once using “OR” and “AND” operators.

For example, if you want to search for articles related to “social media” and “content marketing” then your search query would be “social media AND content marketing”. Similarly, if you intend to find search results related to either of these topics, then your search query would be “social media OR content marketing”

Search by author

You can also find articles or content by the author using author:'author name'.

For example, if you want to find articles authored by writer John Doe, then your search query would be author:'john doe'.

Search by sharer

ContentIdeas also lets you find content shared by different influencers using simple @influencerusername.

For example, you can find all the articles shared by Elon Musk by typing in the query @elonmusk.

What is content curation, and how to do it using ContentIdeas?

Content curation is the process of finding content that is created by others and sharing it with your own audience.

With ContentIdeas, you can curate topics of your interest and find the content that is already being shared and loved by the audience, so you never go wrong with any piece of content.

Save Content Ideas Easily in Your Pocket Account

ContentIdeas.io lets you save articles or blog posts directly to your pocket account that you can easily access later.

You can easily save articles to your Pocket account by clicking the Pocket icon at the bottom of the article preview.

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You also have the option to copy the link of the article directly from the article preview by clicking the copy icon, as shown in the image below.

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Easily Share Content to Your Social Channels or Website

You can easily share content you like directly to your social accounts or website by clicking the share button at the bottom of the article preview.

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